Homebrewing and Winemaking in Chautauqua County • Locally Owned in Lakewood NY

Straight Fermentations is the only homebrew and winemaking store in southern Chautauqua County.


We offer all supplies needed for beginning to advanced brewers and winemakers. We have a large grain room with over 30 varieties of grain, over 30 varieties of hops and an extensive selection of beer and wine yeast.

We carry Brewers Best and Winexpert kits as well as all the equipment needed for brewing and winemaking. We also offer a wide variety of natural flavorings and soda flavorings.


In addition to supplies and ingredients, the store offers a workspace to begin brewing and lessons for those just getting started in the practice.

New Products!
American oak medium charred barrels
Three, five and ten liter barrels for wine, beer and other aging liquids.
Food Grade Fermenters
Ten and 20 gallon
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104 Chautauqua Ave. • Lakewood, N.Y. 14750  |  (716) 763-8530  |  jls.rods@gmail.com

Food Grade Fermenters

Ten and 20 gallon